An introduction to IPTV

Your living room still hasn't finished evolving. Thanks to newer technologies being constantly rolled out, we're able to enjoy more channels, more features, and high quality content. Today Ars Technica is talking about a promising new technology known as IPTV.

"IPTV has the potential to deliver more interactivity than cable. An all-IP solution is switched digital by nature, does not depend on shared bandwidth, and uses well-known Internet technology, which should make for some interesting applications. Expect to see caller ID information displayed on the screen when your phone rings, for instance, or alerts when you receive new e-mail. Because IPTV does not require expensive tuners, multiple picture-in-picture applications will become a reality, and DVRs will be able to record multiple shows at once without upping the cost of the unit (the main constraint will be bandwidth). An interactive program guide, pay-per-view functionality, and video on demand will all be standard features, and channel changes should be much quicker."
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