Amped Wireless' New Wi-Fi Repeater Extends Range Of Any 'Ole Router

Got range? Amped Wireless does. The networking company just introduced what it's calling the "industry's most powerful dual-band Wi-Fi Repeater," enabling users to have Wi-Fi waves extended in range up to 10,000 square feet. The SR20000G High Power Wireless-N Gigabit Dual Band Repeater is quite the mouthful, but it's also quite potent. This new universal range extender allows a wireless network to be expanded by repeating, amplifying and rebroadcasting the signal from any existing wireless router. It's said to be the first repeater to include 5 gigabit networking ports for connecting PCs, A/V devices and game consoles at full speed, as well as being the first to include USB port for sharing files over the local or extended networks.

More firsts? Yep. It's the first to deliver long range, dual band speed of up to 600Mbps, and it'll work as a universal repeater. Any 02.11a/b/g/n, single or dual band router can have its range extended. The price for such extension? $180, and it's available today.
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