Amped Wireless Launches High Performance R20000G Wireless-N Router

A company called Amped Wireless (which has no affiliation with PepsiCo's Amp Energy drink) has rolled out a new flagship, high-performance, long range router -- the R20000G High Power Wireless-N Gigabit Dual Band Router. Amped Wireless believes the R20000G is best suited for large homes and offices where up to 10,000 square feet (or a quarter of an acre) of coverage is needed. That's the size of a baseball field, folks.

"Amped Wireless has continued to make strides in the industry with our innovative power amplifying technology and design," stated Jason Owen, president and CEO at Amped Wireless. "The R20000G is the ideal product for any consumer that wants to outfit their entire office or home and backyard, with a high performance router with the most Wi-Fi coverage on the market today."

The R20000G sports dual high power 2.4GHz 600mW and 5.0Ghz amplifiers, dual high gain 5dBi antennas, and dual low noise amplifiers for better wireless reception. It has a 620MHz internal processor, a built-in four-port GbE switch, advanced Wi-Fi security features, parental controls, bandwidth prioritization (QoS), USB storage support, and more.

You can purchase the R20000G now for $180 MSRP.