Amimon Prototype Streams 3D 1080p Video Without Wires

Wireless HD and wireless HDTV has had quite a difficult time gaining ground in the mainstream. We suspect there are two main reasons: one, it's expensive, and two, it's not that difficult to just run an HDMI cable. There's also the fact that even a completely wireless HDTV will still require a power cable, so regardless of how fancy your wireless setup is, you'll still be relying on at least one cable (so there's not much harm in having two cables). But Amimon, which has been a player in the niche wireless high-def transmission game for awhile now, might be onto something with their latest demonstration.

As 3D continues to take over the industry, companies like Amimon have little choice but to keep pace with the innovation. Now, the company is showing off a new system that transmits 3D high-definition video without any wires, all using their own WHDI high-speed wireless standard. That standard utilizes the 5GHz band, which is far less likely to suffer interference than the crowded 2.4GHz band used so often today in wireless routers. The demonstration proved that Amimon's technology was capable of transmitting 1080p 3D video at 24fps over the 5GHz band, with no drops or graphical problems to speak of.

It's all just a prototype setup for now, but there's a good chance that a shipping system will be available soon. Whether or not the company will make retrofit kits available for existing televisions or simply build this technology into forthcoming sets remains to be seen.