American Airlines To Get Gogo's Higher Speed Wi-Fi Installed On New Aircraft

The friendly skies are becoming the connected skies. While getting up in an airplane used to be one of the few remaining places in America where it was pretty much impossible to reach someone, the introduction of in-flight Wi-Fi has drastically changed that. Many airlines have Gogo installed near fleet-wide, with the likes of Virgin America and JetBlue having it on every single aircraft. And now, a legacy carrier is making a push to catch up in terms of availability of in-flight Internet.

American Airlines' new Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 deliveries will arrive with something special: Ku-band satellite support and Gogo's next generation Air to Ground technology - ATG-4. While Gogo's existing service is better than nothing, the jaded among us will no doubt agree that speeds can be sluggish at times. With this, the dual systems will enable the aircraft to provide seamless in-flight internet service on domestic and international flights, and at higher speeds to boot. Installations will occur as the new aircraft are delivered to American beginning in 2013, but who knows if upstarts like ViaSat will have won over the hearts of its rivals by that point.
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