AMD’s Holiday Game Bundles Include Battlefield 4 With Some AMD Radeon R9 Purchases UPDATED

Last October AMD debuted its Never Settle game bundles, and the company is rolling full steam ahead with more. The latest is a doozy: Starting today, if you buy any AMD Radeon R9 Series card (wouldn’t you know it, we have a review of one right here), you can get a gratis copy of Battlefield 4.

AMD says that the title is optimized for its Graphics Core Next technology, and an upcoming patch to bring the Mantle API will give the game’s Frostbite 3 engine a boost. The company is also extending the Never Settle Forever bundle to the AMD Radeon R7 260X, placing it on the Radeon Rewards Silver tier, so buyers can snap up two free games with a purchase.

AMD Never Settle Battlefield 4

AMD Never Settle Thief

Available titles include Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, Sniper Elite V2, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, DiRT 3, and now Thief, as well.

You should check for availability before you buy, which you can do at and Happy gaming, folks.

Update: Unfortunately, we received word from AMD today that the Battlefield 4 offer is not inclusive of all Radeon R9 series cards. According to the latest information we have, it is up to retailed and AMD’s board partners whether or not they’ll be including a copy of BF4 with their R9 series cards. Here’s exactly what AMD had to say:

“An email sent by an AMD PR representative to press last Friday that provided details on AMD’s Battlefield 4 promotion was not clear and has led to come confusion in the marketplace. It suggested that all customers who purchased an AMD Radeon R9 series graphics card on or after November 13, 2013 would receive a complimentary copy of Battlefield 4. While all AMD Radeon R9 series cards are theoretically eligible for the promotion (which is administered by AMD’s channel partners), retailers and add-in-board partners ultimately decide which select AMD Radeon R9 SKUs will include a copy of BF4.

As with all limited promotions, it’s important that customers ensure that the specific product they’re purchasing qualifies for the promotion, and that they’re buying from a participating retailer during the promotion period. Also, it is critical to note that this promotion is only valid while supplies last.

To make it easier for our community to identify bundled products, BF4-qualifying SKUs and promotions of which AMD is aware will be posted on the portal below over the coming days and weeks, as soon as AMD is advised of their activation by its channel partners. Check for more details and for full promotion terms and conditions.”

This obviously changes the value proposition for Radeon R9 series cards, so before dropping any money on a card, be sure to check out the link mentioned in the text above to see if the particular card you’re interested includes the game.

As somewhat of a consolation, AMD has decided to dole out 1000 copies of the game via its various social media channels:

“We’ve also received many inquires via email and through Facebook and Twitter from customers who have already purchased an AMD Radeon R9 series graphics card, and are inquiring if the BF4 bundle will be made retroactive. Due to contractual agreements with EA/Dice, AMD was unable to make the BF4 promotion available before November 13th. However, as a gesture of goodwill towards our loyal fans, AMD will be giving away 1000 BF4 codes through our social media channels over the coming weeks. Details will be available soon at and on”

Hopefully only a small number of consumers were affected by this snafu over the last couple of days and AMD can make good with a few of those free keys they’ll be giving out soon. We’ll keep you posted.