AMD's "FASN8" Platform Scrapped

Do all of you remember that dual-socket, pseudo-octa-core, dual AMD Phenom FX-based system featuring quad-CrossFire support and a brand-new chipset we told you about a few months ago, dubbed “FASN8”?  Well according to the Inq, the entire platform may be dead.

"We are hearding from system vendors that AMD's much-touted FASN8 platform is dead. Not sleeping, not imminently on the way out, but dead.

The platform was due to see two Phenom processors (for eight-core action) combined with RD790 and four Radeon HD 2900s in a funky combo before the year was out - an ambitious task if ever there was one."

Of course this is still just a rumor, and the Inq sites only unamed system vendors as the source, but its interesting news nonetheless.

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