AMD To Launch 65u "Tyler" in Q2 2007

Digitimes reports that AMD will be launching the 65u "Tyler" mobile CPU in the second quarter of 2007 with the single core "Sherman" CPU arriving in Q3 2007. As the latest revision to the mobile Turion 64 X2 and mobile Sempron CPU's, these latest cores offer some significant improvements. Here, we find added support for DDR2-800 memory, 100MHz per second granularity, and SOI technology. Should these improvements be just what you require, it will be tough to not find a shiny new notebook under the Christmas tree this season as you'll have to have patience and wait for notebook vendors to utilize AMD"s latest chips sometime next summer.

In addition to the dual-core segment, AMD's Rev G parts will also include the single-core Sherman series (25W) as replacement parts for the Mobile AMD Sempron (codenamed Keene) CPUs, which will use the same model number scheme as the Mobile Sempron, the makers revealed. Production of the next-generation Mobile AMD Sempron is set to begin in the third quarter of 2007, according to the makers.


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