AMD To Jump To 45 nm Soon?

While it isn't exactly a secret that AMD hasn't been delivering the way they'd want to, it doesn't mean that they're throwing in the towel either.  There was a time when AMD thought they might have 65 nm tech available almost the same time that Intel would, and that they might even beat rival Intel when it came to releasing CPUs manufactured on a 45 nm process.  Sadly, neither of these came to be, but just because delivery of high-end 65 nm parts was a bit slow doesn't exactly mean that delivery of AMD's 45 nm is that much farther away...or does it?

“According to AMD’s John Pellerin, director of logic technology and development, AMD plans to ramp production of 45nm high-k dielectric chips in the first half of 2008. Pellerin says that AMD is more concerned with finding customer applications for its processors rather that a process race with rival chip makers.
Pellerin said in an interview during the International Electron Device Meeting that AMD’s 32nm high-k parts were solidly in the development phase showing that AMD is already looking down the road and hoping to learn from the problems encountered with its early 45nm process.”

Assuming that AMD is able to start ramping 45 nm chips as early as Q1, that could mean volume delivery about a year later if all goes well.  Perhaps AMD will be able to close the manufacturing gap in 2009 or 2010?  It'd be great for competition if both AMD and Intel could hit 32 nm at almost the same time.
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