AMD Threadripper Will Reportedly Be A Family Of 9 CPUs With Varying Core Counts And Clock Speeds

AMD is bringing out its big guns in the form of Threadripper, the biggest and baddest of which is a 16-core monster with 32 threads. This top-end part was shown off at Computex earlier this week where it was paired with multiple graphics cards based on AMD's Vega architecture. As you might imagine, the results were nothing short of awesome. That said, there will be multiple Threadripper SKUs at various price points.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper

From an official standpoint, we have very little details about AMD's multiple Threadripper SKUs. That will change in time, of course, though until then there are plenty of rumors and speculation surrounding Threadripper. The folks at OCaholic went and compiled them all into a handy chart outlining no less than nine Threadripper processors, including core counts and clockspeeds.

AMD Threadripper

One thing that is worth noting is that all Threadripper CPUs will support 64 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes, 60 of which will come directly from the CPU for PCIe and M.2 slots. Having so many available lanes to play with means that enthusiasts can install multiple graphics cards and multiple M.2  NVMe solid state drives without splitting PCIe lanes.

Depending on pricing, this could end up being a big advantage over Intel and its competing Core i9 lineup. Those enthusiast parts offer 44 PCIe lanes and cost between $999 and $1,999. Dropping down to an enthusiast grade Core i7 part reduces the number of PCIe lanes to 28 or 16, depending on the model.

AMD is also releasing a new X399 platform for its Threadripper CPUs. Motherboards based on the new platform will feature a new socket that is rumored to be a derivative of Naples. And from the first glimpse of a Threadripper CPU that was shared at Computex, new and bigger cooling solutions will be required as well—Threadripper is a physically large CPU.

Threadripper is not too far out from releasing to retail, so hopefully we'll have some official information pricing to go along with the above information soon.