AMD Surprises Computex Attendees with "Trinity" APU Announcement

We expected AMD to talk about its upcoming Llano platform at the Computex trade show in Taiwan, and the chip maker didn't disappoint. AMD also talked about its Bulldozer platform that has enthusiasts chomping at the bit, saying the first Bulldozer products will ship in the third quarter of this year. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, AMD held up an engineering chip it's calling 'Trinity.'

Trinity will be AMD's first Bulldozer-based APU. AMD was short on details, but speculation is that Trinity will probably sport eight cores and be compatible with the AM3+ socket.

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The name 'Trinity' has everyone wondering if there's any significance to the designation. One theory raised by U.K.'s Thinq is that it might link processing cores to shared floating point units in triplicate for improved inter-core communication. Or it might be as simple as naming the APU after Trinity, Texas.

In any event, Rick Bergman, senior VP and GM of AMD's products groups, declared AMD's Trinity APU as "the next greatest thing" after Llano and said that it will ship in 2012.
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