AMD Super-Charges Never Settle Bundle: Everyone Gets Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon For Free

AMD is continuing to ramp up its Never Settle bundle, and this time the company is extending a free game to everyone who's purchased a Never Settle bundle, at any point. If you haven't heard of Blood Dragon, it's a ridiculous throwback to 1980s sensibilities, married to the FC3 engine. And when we say "Married to the 1980s," we mean it. Faux VCR tracking errors. 8-bit movies with no lip animation. A main character named Sergeant Rex Power Colt, voiced by  Micheal Biehn, who played Kyle Reese in the original Terminator.

The actual gameplay isn't an 8-bit shooter, but everything about this game shrieks cheesy throwback, written by developers who know enough not to take themselves too seriously. Virtually everything explodes. The cursing is gratuitous. At the beginning of the game, your partner activates the "Military Training For Idiots" mode on your gear, forcing you to walk through a series of brilliantly stupid tutorials. The entire "basic gameplay" sequences are brilliantly lampshaded, with comments like these:

Meanwhile, Power Colt grumbles and complains, at one point imploring the computer to STFU and let him kill things. The dialog is so wretchedly terrible, it's excellent. "Part man. Part machine. But all Cyber COMMANDO."

Obligatory black partner: "We gotta recalibrate yo' ass!"

Plus, the main site is a horrific fusion of MySpace and Geocities. What's not to love about that? This looks like it could be the sleeper hit of the year. Serious Sam, with even more ridiculous action, 80s music, and 8-bit Nintendo-era cutscenes. And the first mission of the game is backed by the thrilling vocals of Little Richard singing "Let's Rock." Gameplay footage below.

As far as we can tell, there's no actual tie to Far Cry 3 in this game. It borrows some of that title's animations and capabilities, but this is a branding move meant to raise visibility, not a related product. If the game lives up to its premise, no one is likely to care.