AMD Spring Fling Gaming System Quick Peek

A couple of weeks back, we wrapped up our Spring Fling gaming system giveaway with AMD. We picked the winner (Congrats Fortunz!) and the conclusion of the giveaway, but some travel and a heavier than expected workload prevented us from shipping the rig as quickly as we would have liked. In any case, we've had the chance to take the rig for a spin to ensure everything was in working order, and she's on the way to the winner!

amd giveaway rig 2
There She Is!

amd giveaway rig 3
A Look From The Top, With The Chassis Open

amd giveaway rig 1
From The Side -- Nice And Neat, With Room To Spare

If you recall, this rig is packing an AMD A10-7890K APU with Wraith Cooler, installed on an MSI A88X-XM Gaming motherboard. Rounding out the build is 16GB of G.SKILL Sniper DDR3-2133 RAM, a Patriot Blast 120GB SSD, and a Corsair CX430 PSU, all inside a DIY Cuboid-R chassis.  An AOC 24” G2460PF FreeSync display was included as well.

Let us know when you get the goods, Fortunz, and be sure to post pics of your new setup!
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