AMD Slashes Prices On A-Series APUs, Throws In Games And Apps With A10s To Sweeten The Deal

While there’s no guarantee for traction in the market, lowering the price to a point where consumers can’t help but notice is surely a step in the right direction. AMD’s doing just that with its A-series APUs this week, which is hopes will enable more mainstream PC builders to snag a twelve compute core (4CPU + 8GPU) A-series APU without completely breaking the bank.

It’s also suggesting that these products will support DX12, OpenCL 2.0, and Project FreeSync in the future, which should ease any concerns about their ability to handle what’s just around the bend. The A10-7850K will see its suggested e-tail pricing his $143, while the lower-end A6-7400K can be found as low as $58. The full chart of updated pricing is shown below.

As if that weren’t enough, through the end of October, purchasers of AMD A10 APUs may select from one of three game titles – Murdered, Thief, or Sniper Elite 3, using the AMD rewards key code inside the product box. Alternatively, the key code may be redeemed to purchase Corel Aftershot Pro 2 for only $5. 
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