AMD Slashes Prices

If you've been waiting for the next round of price cuts to buy a new processor, get your credit card ready. According to the Inquirer, AMD quietly slashed prices on a number of popular desktop and Opteron processors.

"The 754 pin Sempron 3000+ will cost $44 from $50, the Sempron 3200+ AM2 will cost $56 from $66 and fall to $51 on the 22nd of January 2007. Other AM2 chips affected are the 3800+ down to $138 from $152, the X2 4200+ and EE down from $186 to $173, and the X2 4600+ down to $215 from $240. The X2 5000+ drops from $300 to $285, along with the EE version, while X2 5200+ drop from $403 to $296."

Street prices haven't come down to these levels just yet, but they're coming. The lower-end processors mentioned are already within a couple of bucks of the prices listed above, but it may take a little while before the prices come down on the higher-end SKUs.

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