AMD shows off quad core 65nm wafers

Charlie from the Inquirer has snapped off a couple of pictures of wafers that reportedly contain 65nm Quad-Core AMD processor cores. Not much information other than the pictures, but still fun to look at nonetheless...

"WHEN AND WHERE will AMD show off its 65 nanometre Rev H cores? How about two minutes ago at the Microsoft Global High Tech Summit in Santa Clara?"

Looks like a typical 3.5" x 2" business card in those pictures.  And it looks like approximately 5 1/4 cores span the 3.5" card.  That makes each core about .66" wide, or roughly 16.72mm. 16.72mm squared is about 280mm2.  That would make the AMD's Quad-Core 65nm dies about 100 square millimeters larger than current 90nm Dual-Core Athlon X2s.

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