AMD Ships Triple-core Phenoms

In a surprise move, a technology company shipped something on time.

AMD has begun shipping triple-core Phenom processors.

The company had promised the Phenom 8000 series would ship by the end of Q1, so this seems to be a sign that AMD is getting things back on track. There is no press release on its site and the new Phenoms do not yet appear on the company’s official price list, but PC World says AMD confirmed it is shipping a limited number of the new chips to major PC companies.

Dell and HP both appear to have plans to use the triple-core chip, most likely the 2.3Ghz Phenom 8600, in business desktops. And a UK-based PC company, Mesh Networks, is already offering models with a 2.1GHz Phenom 8400 and 2.3GHz Phenom 8600.

Of course, we know that triple-cores are quad-cores that didn't pass muster.  Will that make a difference to consumers?  Most won't even know.

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