AMD Sets Goal Of 25X Efficiency Gain For APUs By 2020

According to AMD, there are 3 billion personal computers worldwide and some 30 million servers, and they consume approximately 1% and 1.5% of all energy consumed annually. The cost for all that juice is between $14-$18 billion, and the company believes it can do better--25 times better, actually.

AMD is planning to increase the efficiency of its APUs by a factor of 25 by the year 2020. “Through APU architectural enhancements and intelligent power efficient techniques, our customers can expect to see us dramatically improve the energy efficiency of our processors during the next several years,” said AMD CTO Mark Papermaster.

AMD Kaveri
AMD Kaveri notebook

Although generally speaking any increase in power efficiency is good for the world, this innovation would in particular lead to serious enhancements in mobile devices both in terms of battery life and performance.

AMD believes its APU architecture (Heterogenous System Architecture [HSA]) is primed for this development, and it will also look to intelligent, real-time power management as well as “inter-frame power gating, per-part adaptive voltage, voltage islands, further integration of system components, and other techniques still in the development stage” to bring about its efficiency goals.