AMD Selling 0.13 Micron Technology

It is no secret that Advanced Micro Devices hasn't had the best couple of quarters, but they seem to have a very deep strategy for getting back in black.  Obviously that strategy includes excellent new products such as the Radeon HD 3000 series and the Phenom CPUs and chipsets, but that's only part of the picture.

Apparently AMD has entered into a deal with Russian tech firm Angstrem to provide them with the technology and know-how necessary to fabricate chips using the now 'old' 130 nm process.

“On November 22nd at a press conference Pierre Brunswick, AMD Sales and Marketing Vice President in Russia, disclosed some of the company's plans regarding the equipment and technology supply to Zelenograd enterprise Angstrem.

According to Mr. Brunswick, before concluding the agreement, the EU and US authorities were to approve of the equipment and technology export to Russia. So now, when the appropriate licenses have been received, the agreement enters the final stage.

The contract beween AMD and Angstrem foresees the transfer of AMD technological capacity from its Dresden Fab 30 to produce microchips on 130 mn technology including licensing of CMOS technology and the appropriate equipment sales net of the transfer and sales of any intellectual property related to microprocessor design, Pierre Brunswick tells.”

If this helps AMD out, we're all for it.
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