AMD Ryzen Threadripper Cooler Compatibility List Posted Ahead Of August 10th Launch

1711406 Threadripper PIB3
AMD has two big hardware launches planned this month, one of which is Ryzen Threadripper for the HEDT market. Enthusiasts have been itchin’ to see a full round of benchmarks on the processors (we’re working on it), but you can check out our teaser on Ryzen Threadripper right here.

In the meantime, AMD has posted a full list of coolers that are compatible with the new processors. As you may already know, Ryzen Threadripper uses a new 4094-pin TR4 socket and new AMD X399-based motherboards. As you might expect with processors that have a maximum TDP of 180W, AMD is recommending that you go with a premium liquid cooling system for Ryzen Threadripper.

Here’s a current list of all of the closed-loop liquid cooling (CLC) solutions that are compatible with Ryzen Threadripper:


We’ve picked out one from each manufacturer, which you can find on Amazon:

AMD says that it is including a free mounting bracket in the box with each Ryzen Threadripper processor that will ensure compatibility with all of the above coolers. In addition, there will be additional coolers available which do not make use of this bracket. AMD says that these coolers will be added to the official recommended list “over time”.

AMD CEO Lisa Su With Threadripper Box

The Ryzen Threadripper family will initially consist of the three SKUs listed below:

The Ryzen Threadripper 1900X, 1920X and 1950X are priced at $549, $799 and $999 respectively. The Ryzen 1920X and 1950X went up for pre-order on July 31st and will begin shipping August 10th. The Ryzen Threadripper 1900X will be available on August 31st.

As for AMD’s other big hardware launch, Radeon RX Vega arrives August 14th.