Update: AMD Announces Zen 2-Powered 32-Core Threadripper 3970X, 24-Core Threadripper 3960X

AMD Ryzen Threadripper
AMD just announced that its Ryzen 9 3950X will be shipping on November 25th priced at $749, and now the company is giving us some early details on its third-generation Ryzen Threadripper HEDT processors that are on the way. As we reported yesterday, the first two members of the family are the Threadripper 3960X and the Threadripper 3970X. 

Like the "lesser" third-generation Ryzen 3000 processors, these new Threadripper processors are built on 7nm Zen 2 architecture and include all of the performance, security, and feature benefits (including PCIe 4.0 support). Both the Threadripper 3960X and 3970X use the new sTRX4 socket, which AMD says offers improved scalability, and will be supported by new TRX40 motherboards.

ryzen threadripper amd 3rd pricing

As for the specs of the processors, AMD says that the Threadripper 3960X is a 24-core/48-thread design with a base clock of 3.8GHz, a boost clock of up to 4.5GHz, and a total of 140MB cache (L2+L3). The Threadripper 3970X ups the stakes with 32 core and 64 threads, base/boost clocks of 3.7GHz and 4.5GHz respectively, and 144MB cache.

ryzen threadripper amd performance

First- and second-generation Threadripper processors have always been beasts in multi-threaded performance, and that prowess continues with the third-generation. AMD has posted a few benchmarks showcasing relative performance of the Threadripper 3960X and 3970X compared to the 18-core/36-thread Intel Core i9-9980XE, and the gains are especially pronouncing in the AMD-favorite benchmark Cinebench R20. In that particular benchmark, the Threadripper 3970X boasts a 90 percent performance uplift compared to its Intel counterpart.

ryzen threadripper amd trx40

AMD says that the Threadripper 3960X or 3970X will ship on November 25th, and it has indicated that the processors will be priced at $1,399 and $1,999 respectively.

Updated 11/7/2019
Updated article to include a video presentation from AMD on the new third-generation Threadripper family.