AMD Ryzen Pinnacle Ridge Processors Tipped For March Debut With 400-Series Chipsets

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If you've been waiting to see what AMD will have to offer in the mainstream desktop processor space for 2018, you won't be waiting much longer. According to a new report out of Japan, AMD's next crop of Ryzen processors -- codenamed Pinnacle Ridge -- will be launching in March. We had previously heard back in September that this launch would occur in February.

It is expected that AMD will shift from a 14nm manufacturing process (used on current Summit Ridge-based processors) to a 12nm LP node for Pinnacle Ridge. You can expect for AMD to modestly increase clock speeds while also improving efficiency across the board. The Pinnacle Ridge-based processors are likely to continue the same Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 branding that's in place for current Summit Ridge processors.

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Launching alongside Pinnacle Ridge Ryzen processors will be AMD's 400-series motherboard chipsets. PCI-SIG gave us our first glimpse at these chipsets, which were developed under the codename Promontory, and we know that there will at least be A420, B470 and X470 motherboards available at launch. 400-Series motherboards will get a bump in their PCI Express spec from PCIe 2.0 lanes at 5GT/s to PCIe 3.0 at 8GT/s.

Motherboards based on AMD's 400-Series chipset will also retain AM4 socket compatibility, which backs up the company's assertion that it will support AM4 on its processors through at least the year 2020.