AMD Ryzen Dominates Intel By 2:1 Margin During November Claims eTailer Mindfactory

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We always look forward to the latest sales figures that come in from German eTailer Mindfactory, which releases individual processor sales numbers which are then compiled by the enthusiast community (in this case, redditor ingebor). Building on its momentum from previous months, AMD has been kicking butt to put it lightly.

Although we didn't cover Mindfactory's October sales numbers, AMD was sitting at a 45 percent share of its overall processor sales in June, was at 50 percent in July, and came out slightly ahead at 51 percent in August. In September, AMD took a commanding lead with 65 percent of Mindfactory's overall processor sales. The numbers for November show that AMD's good fortunes are still trucking along, as its share rose to 69 percent. In other words, AMD is outselling Intel 2:1.

mindfactory marketshare

Looking closer at the numbers, Pinnacle Ridge-based CPUs accounted for 68 percent of all AMD CPUs sold, following by Summit Ridge at 17 percent. On the Intel side, Coffee Lake brought in 71 percent of sales, which was followed by the Coffee Lake Refresh at 21 percent. On an individual basis, the top three selling processors were the AMD Ryzen 5 2600, Ryzen 7 2700X and the Intel Core i7-8700K

mindfactory CPUs sold

One other key metric that we can take away from the graphics compiled by ingebor is that AMD also surpassed Intel in regards to revenue share. AMD processors accounted for 56 percent of revenue generated compared to just 44 percent for Intel. However, those number suggest a far lower average selling price (ASP) for the AMD parts given that AMD processors more than doubled the unit sales of Intel processor for the entire month. So, while Intel may be getting pummeled with respect to sales, its situation doesn't look so dire when it comes to the amount of money generated per CPU sold.

mindfactory ASP

With that being said, we suggest that you take some time to look at the charts above, as they give a very detailed look at how the current CPU market is fairing -- at least through Mindfactory's eyes. 

Looking forward into 2019, AMD will be unleashing a new wave of Ryzen 3000 series processor based on 7nm Zen 2 architecture, while Intel is rumored to be increasing the number of cores -- again -- on its mainline Core processors. The Comet Lake-S family of 14nm++ processors is expected to top out at 10 cores (20 threads).