AMD Radeon RX 560D And RX 470D Ethereum Mining Edition Cards Break Cover

Late last month, we brought you news of some new graphics cards that are specifically geared towards Ethereum miners. The cryptocurrency mining cards included the MINING RX 470 and MINING P106 from ASUS, which are based on the Radeon RX 460 Polaris and NVIDIA P106 graphics architectures respectively.

Biostar is getting into the Ethereum mining mix as well with a new card, the RX 470D. Rather than retaining the full 2048 stream processors that would typically complement an RX 470-based GPU, the RX 470D has just 1792 stream processors with a core clock of 1200 MHz. This will likely limit mining performance, but it should help cut down on power consumption and [hopefully] pricing.

rx470 biostar

On the other hand, the memory clock has been upped from 6000 MHz to 7000 MHz, and there is still a full complement of display ports on the back of the card (ASUS’ MINING P106 doesn’t feature any display ports on its back panel, for example). The card also retains dual cooling fans to help ensure that your cards don’t overheat during intense mining operations.

In a separate report, we’re learning about another new mining GPU on the way in the form of the Radeon RX 560D. According to various sources, the GPUs will be Radeon RX 460 based, but will feature a BIOS update to give it RX 500 series status. Cards based on the RX 560D will still feature 896 stream processors, but will reportedly have half the power consumption of a “real” Radeon RX 560.

For those looking to maximize mining performance while keeping power costs in check, this is yet another option to keep an eye on in the coming months, especially considering that most other popular Radeon RX 400- and 500-series cards have already been gobbled up by exuberant Ethereum miners.