AMD Quad Core Discussion & Editorial

[H]ard|OCP had a chat with AMD's CTO Phil Hester about the upcoming K8L Quad Core AMD processor.  Phil gave Kyle and crew some new insight as to just how AMD is looking to handle the newly competitive market served up by Intel's Core 2 Duo.

"Phil Hester knows that competition is good for AMD. With the release of Intel's Core 2 Duo desktop processors AMD is again in the #2 spot and feeling more competition than they have in the last couple of years. But AMD isn't sitting around twiddling their thumbs. They've already taped out their next-generation "K8L" quad-core processor design with healthy increases in IPC and parallelism inside an already established power envelope."

Dave and I recently spoke with reps from AMD and the company seemed excited about the improvements to come with the K8L.  The first half of 2007 is going to be interesting for sure.

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