AMD, Micron To Go Private?

According to a story on EETimes, rumors were circulating last week that claimed AMD and Micron (among others) were planning to go private. We don't know how much truth there is to this rumor, but considering AMD's current financial situation, it's likely the company is exploring a number of possible routes and going private is just one of their options. 

"Rumors are running rampant that AMD, Micron and Lexmark are separately mulling over plans to go the private-equity route, according to various reports.

There were other rumors last week. Oracle was rumored to make a bid for SAP, Nokia would make a bid to buy Research in Motion, and Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL) would buy Lam Research Corp., according to SG Cowen Securities Inc. (New York).

But private equity dominated the rumor mills. According to the IdahoStatesman, Micron Technology Inc. is rumored to be a buy-out candidate amid wild activity with its stock late last week."

As always, take these rumors with a very big grain of salt.  Time will tell.