AMD Launches Opteron Processor Upgrade Program

Here's a tactic you don't see used everyday. Rather than just slashing prices across the board, AMD's taking a different approach in an attempt to sell chips despite a worldwide recessions. The newly announced AMD Opteron Upgrade Program includes 2000 series and 8000 series dual- and Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors along with the upcoming six-core processor codenamed “Istanbul.” Wondering what's in it for you and yours?

We're told that channel partners and customers can receive up to a 35% discount in price ($50 off 2000 series, $100 off 8000 series) by upgrading the generation of their AMD Opteron processor, providing a fast upgrade path to improve performance and energy efficiency within the data center without needing to replace and buy entirely new systems. John Fruehe, director, Business Development, AMD, was quoted as saying the following: "AMD Opteron45nm Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors have always provided exceptionally long life cycles and consistent platforms. In the current economic environment customers are trying to stretch their IT budgets and to extend the life of their technology investments more than ever, all while improving performance and energy efficiency. This program offers a unique value to our partners and customers, particularly when you consider the enhancements to the processor and upcoming six-core ‘Istanbul’ processor.

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