AMD Launches $117 A8-7670K APU Just In Time For Windows 10

Back in late May, AMD launch its A10-7870K Godvari APU, which was refresh of the existing Kaveri core (28nm). A10-7870K, which carries an MSRP of $137, features four CPU cores, eight GPU cores, and a base clock of 3.9GHz (the Max Turbo frequency rose to 4.1GHz).
AMD A8-7670K Specs

Today, AMD has introduced another Kaveri refresh in the form of the A8-7670K. The A8-7670K takes the place of the A8-7650K as the top dog in the A8 product family. Compared to the A8-7650K, the A8-7670K offers some modest CPU clock speed improvements with the base clock seeing an uptick from 3.3GHz to 3.6GHz, while Max Turbo has slightly improved from 3.8GHz to 3.9GHz. The GPU has also seen a clock speed increase from 720MHz to 757MHz. The A8-7670K retains four CPU cores and six GPU cores, which puts its GPU count at two less than the recently launched A10-7870K.

AMD has been in Intel’s rearview mirror for quite some time, but the company is touting that its new A8-7670K will show its taillights to the Intel Pentium G3258 when it’s paired with an NVIDIA GT 730 GPU. AMD also claims that the new APU offers significant performance gains over the Intel Core i3 4160 in 3DMark and Adobe Photoshop, and less meaningful (but still appreciated) gains in PCMark.

AMD A8-7670K GPU

It should come as no surprise that AMD is debuting the A8-7670K just in time for next week’s launch of Windows 10. That means that the A8-7670K supports Xbox One game streaming and the Microsoft Edge web browser.

AMD A8-7670K CPU

“AMD takes great strides to deliver innovative technology that provides the performance and convenience customers need today and tomorrow,” said Kevin Lensing, Sr. Director for AMD’s Client Business Unit. “Our newest APU provides a smooth user experience and is engineered for Windows 10 and eSports online gaming.”

The A8-7670K is available now from the usual retail suspects with an MSRP of $117.99. That puts just a $10 spread between it and the beefier A10-7850K.