AMD: It's The Best Of Times It's The Worst Of Ti

With AMD planning to release the K10 "Barcelona" CPU and R600 series graphics chips before the end of the year, it's an exciting time for AMD.  This can be great if you're an investor, or it could be a bit tense if you're an employee wondering if you might get "downsized".  Here's what DailyTech is reporting:
"After confirming it had to reduce expenses, AMD recently announced that it will cut 430 jobs worldwide, which is 2.6% of its workforce.  Around 40 jobs will be cut in AMD's Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, CA offices; 80 jobs in Austin, TX; around 12 in Boston, MA; and 50 in Markham, Ontario.  No workers in Dresden, Germany, location of AMD chip-making facilities, will be laid off."
Analysts quoted in the story don't seem to think that this cutback measure will be enough to make the company profitable.  Hopefully the lack of gloom and doom quotes in the article indicates that the analysts speculate that the potential revenue from the R600 and the "Barcelona" series of products will get AMD out of the red while providing consumers with faster hardware to slate the insatiable need for computing speed.

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