AMD To Host 2nd Gen Threadripper Press Event With Ferrari In July

This is going to be an explosive summer with new product launches based on next generation technologies. It's not all about NVIDIA and its upcoming GeForce products, though. On the CPU side, AMD is apparently teaming up with Ferrari to host some sort of second generation Threadripper event at Maranello, a town in Northern Italy. That also happens to be the place where the LaFerrari was designed.

The latest chatter lines up with an announcement AMD made in April when the company said it was sponsoring the Scuderia Ferrari F1 as part of a multi-year partnership. As part of that partnership, AMD's logo is plastered on the nose of the SF71H F1, as well as on the arm of the pit crew and official trucks. In addition, AMD said it was making available its technology portfolio to Scuderia Ferrari.

"The AMD passion for high-performance computing products perfectly matches with Scuderia Ferrari’s dedication to high performance racing leadership," said John Taylor, chief marketing officer at AMD. "Scuderia Ferrari is a world class innovator and brand. We are excited to partner with them in linking our high performance brands to accelerate the strong momentum around our products."

AMD Ryzen Threadripper

AMD's upcoming event with Ferrari will be centered on the company's Threadripper 2000 series. We already know that AMD is prepping a 32-core/64-thread second generation Threadripper processor built on the company's 12-nanometer Zen+ architecture, and that it is slated to arrive in the third quarter of this year. However, there will be other Threadripper parts as well, details of which AMD has not yet shared.

Other details of the event are not yet known, including how Ferrari might figure into the equation beyond a prominent partner to kick things off. One possibility is that AMD could announce an automotive product. More likely, however, Ferrari being part of the event will be a marketing play to underscore the raw horsepower of AMD's second generation Threadripper CPUs, and to bill them as luxury high end desktop (HEDT) chips.