AMD GPU Shipments Surge 11 Percent In Q2, While NVIDIA GPUs Slump

It looks like AMD has a reason to smile while NVIDIA doesn't. Industry research and consulting firm Jon Peddie Research has released a report which states that AMD’s GPU shipments rose around 11 percent in Q2 2014 on a quarter-to-quarter basis while NVIDIA’s GPU shipments saw a slump of about 8.3 percent and Intel saw a 4 percent increase in its total shipments.

To break it all down, AMD’s shipments increased 16.7 percent in Q2 for desktop heterogeneous GPUs and CPUs and increased 10.3 percent for notebooks. Discrete desktop shipments for AMD decreased 10.7 percent while notebooks discrete shipments increased 30.6 percent (increased 11 percent overall). NVIDIA saw a 21 percent decrease from last quarter for desktop discrete shipments while notebook discrete shipments had increased 6.9 percent (decreased 8.3 percent overall).

But while overall shipments were up 3.2 percent on a quarter-to-quarter basis, it was down 4.5 percent when compared to Q2 2013. However, the attachment rate of GPUs to PCs, this includes integrated and discrete GPUs, was up 3.2 percent (139 percent for Q2). Total discrete GPU shipments, for both desktop and notebook, decreased 3.6 percent from last quarter and decreased 13.3 percent from last year.

The report goes on to say that the PC market has increased 1.3 percent on a quarter-to-quarter basis but has decreased 1.7 percent year-to-year.

JPR then provided a breakdown for the total graphics chip market in Q2. According to its research, AMD has 17.9 percent of the market (up 11.1 percent from last quarter), Nvidia with 14.7 percent (down 8.3 percent), and Intel with the lion’s share of 67.3 percent (up 4.1 percent).