AMD FX-64 to Launch in Q4

HKEPC reports that AMD will launch FX-64 during the last quarter of this year. What's even more interesting is AMD's plan to make the entire Athlon 64 X2 line of processors available in a 65W version by Q3. Existing models will come in 65W and 89W flavors but the 5200+ will only be available in the 65W variety.

"According to the latest roadmap of AMD, 65W TDP and the normal version are merged together, product in 5200+ or lower are all 65W TDP, while Athlon 64 FX 5400+(2.8GHz/512KBx2 L2) and 5600+(2.8GHz/1MBx2 L2) coming in 2007 Q1 are still kept at 89W TDP."


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