AMD Fusion S-Series “Richland” CPU Series Specs Leaked, Faster Clock Speed, Same Power Consumption

After struggling as of late in the market, AMD is mounting an offensive against very stiff competition, and part of that effort is the next generation of the company’s APUs. Codenamed “Richland”, we knew that these chips will be built on Piledriver CPU cores just as the last generation Trinity APUs are, and that Richland APUs will have an updated graphics core.

VR-Zone published a table of leaked specs that show more details. Assuming this information is correct, there will be at least six SKUs ranging from an A4 to an A10 with a mix of dual- and quad-core chips bearing 6000-series numbering. That “updated graphics core” turns out to be HD 8000-series graphics.

AMD leaked Richland APUs
Image credit: VR-Zone

AMD Trinity APUs
Image credit: AMD

Comparing Trinity APUs to the leaked Richland APUs, you can see that the comparable SKUs in each demonstrate that the Richland clock speeds will be higher, but the chips won’t consumer any more power. For example, the A10-5800K (Trinity) pulls 100W at 3.8/4.2GHz, while the A10-6800K also pulls 100W at 4.1/4.4GHz; and that’s not taking into consideration the new Richland GPU capabilities.

AMD A10 and A8 APUs
AMD A10 and A8 APUs

It’s a much-needed step forward for AMD, and it makes one even more curious to get a peek at the Kaveri APUs that will succeed Richland later this year.