AMD Fusion Developer Summit: 60 Free Passes Up For Grabs

From June 13 - 16, 2011, the first AMD Fusion Developer Summit, or AFDS, is being held at the Maydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington. According to AMD, attendees of the inaugural AMD Fusion Developer Summit “will have direct access to pioneers in heterogeneous computing, software developers, and top minds at AMD for learning opportunities and open dialogue on heterogeneous computing and the enhanced performance and processing efficiencies it enables.”

Sound like fun? It sure does to us and we’d love to take a few of you along with us, so AMD has made it possible for team HotHardware to bring along 60 of our friends to the very first AFDS! Before we explain how to grab your free pass—valued at $300—here are a few more details about the event...

WHAT YOU WILL DO AT AFDS: Learn. Get a deeper understanding of technology. Collaborate with thought leaders. Attend 3 visionary AFDS Keynotes, 90+ sessions, 7 Pre-Summit Tutorials, a variety of networking experiences, and much more.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Everyone who wants a glimpse of AMD’s plans. Everyone who recognizes that the tech world – including industry-leading software companies and ODMs – is interested in APU technology. Everyone who wants to unleash the potential of this next-generation technology in their current and future developments.

WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND: You should attend for in-depth training on heterogeneous computing, AMD Fusion APU architecture, OpenCL, Microsoft DirectCompute, and more. You should attend to get direct access to AMD tech leaders, industry experts, and academics from around the world. You should attend because you know the only way to thrive in this industry is to be at the forefront of the tech current, not following it.

  • Tickets are valued at $300, and we’re giving away 25 of them. If you want a free pass, HH is the only place to get it.
  • Winners will get a free registration code – Use that code to register on the AFDS site, and badges, etc. will be waiting at the event.
  • Winners will have to take care of hotel and travel on their own. Road trip!
  • The passes are ‘all access’. HH readers will have access to the entire AFDS event and upcoming Llano APU Launch, all the software partners and AMD VIPs.
  • The pass will get winners into the Worldwide Llano Launch Press Conference and VIP party on June 14th.
  • Keynote sessions with technology industry leaders including ARM and Microsoft
  • Access to nearly 100 AFDS technology sessions, including a preview of upcoming AMD graphics architectures with AMD Gfx CTO Eric Demers.
  • This is AMD’s first software developer conference, so in a way it’s history in the making!

All you’ve got to do to stake a claim at one of our 25 free passes is become a fan of HotHardware on Facebook and share this post to get the word out (there's a Share button right at the bottom of the post). Then drop us a line at with your contact information.

Please note, we are only able to give away passes to the actual event, travel to and from the show and accommodations while there are up to you. If you can get there though, and want to check out AMD's very first AFDS, rub elbows with some of the great minds at AMD, and perhaps break bread with a couple of members of Team HH, now’s your chance.

Spread the word! We can't wait to see you there!