AMD Extends Desktop Platform With 760G Chipset

AMD Extends Desktop Platform Advantage for Value PCs

From the industry leader in chipset technology, the new AMD 760G chipset delivers power and performance that won’t break the bank

Designed to provide The Ultimate Visual Experience and maximize productivity while being energy efficient, the AMD 760G chipset delivers industry-proven DirectX 10 graphics and a balanced platform for an unparalleled experience at home, at work and at play. ATI Hybrid CrossFireX technology provides a flexible upgrade path when the AMD 760G chipset is paired with either an ATI Radeon HD 3450 or ATI Radeon HD 2400 series graphics card for scalable performance. Add an AMD Athlon X2 CPU for energy efficient processing.

The new AMD 760G chipset is scheduled for January 19, 2009 availability. AMD is working with leading motherboard providers to give customers more choice in a platform that offers a great out of the box experience at an affordable price. Partners include Asus, ECS, Gigabyte, Asrock, MSI, Foxconn and Biostar.


This chipset has been designed by AMD to help its customers better meet the needs of a wide range of users who have different requirements and expectations. The AMD 760G chipset can help improve the overall PC computing experience, by enabling improved desktop productivity, enhanced entertainment and superior gaming experiences.

OEMs are under increasing pressure to deliver a wide-range of PC systems that meet diverse customer needs and to remain competitive. The AMD 760G chipset enables OEMs to extend their product lines by offering a new chipset targeted to the value PC category that can help deliver an improved computing experience. Features and benefits include:

  • Energy efficient, low power chipset design
  • Technology designed to enable increased productivity
  • Compelling out-of-box visual experience for novice gamers playing some of today’s most popular games
  • Smooth multitasking and accelerated rendering with quiet and efficient playback

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