AMD Details Puma

We've been hearing about AMD's “Puma” platform for over a year now, and wondering exactly what it is.  Well the waiting is finally over as AMD has finally detailed exactly what the stealthy cat is:

“In order to be branded as part of the Puma platform, notebooks must come with a Griffin CPU, RS780M chipset and WiFi adapter -- a discrete graphics card is optional.”

We don't have full details on the Griffin CPU at this time, but we do hear that it will feature 1MB L2 cache per core and lacks L3 cache.  This makes us wonder if it is a relative of the Phenom, or the venerable Athlon 64, or possibly a new architecture derived from both.

The 780M should provide entry-level DX10 support, and this could be the final platform before Fusion that we've been hearing so much about.
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