AMD Demonstrates Triple-Core In Blu-ray Test

AMD sent word this morning of product demos with their new 780G chipset and platform that we recently covered here for you in full detail.  At the time, we provided a detailed look at the capabilities of AMD's IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) in gaming and 3D rendering scenarios, as well as their new Hybrid CrossFire technology but we didn't get a chance to cover HD video decode and playback performance just yet.  We'll be following up on the product's performance ourselves shortly with an update to the original article but in the mean time, AMD has this to show us this morning...


What's perhaps most interesting here, beyond the fact that AMD's new 780G provides excellent performance in HD video processing and CPU offload, is that the system they're providing the demonstration on, as you'll see in the video, is running a triple-core Phenom.  Of course CPU utilization looks relatively low with the 780G providing much of the horsepower for the Blu-ray decode but it's nice to see those three cores running performance monitor. 

Via:  AMD
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