AMD Breaks Overclocking Record (Again)

The first time AMD's FX-8150 processor found itself in the Guinness World Records, it took a team of AMD sponsored overclockers (and a whole lot of liquid helium) working together to push the processor to 8429.38MHz. And this time? Andre Yang, working by himself, used the same model chip to break the record set in September and set a new one, which now stands at 8461.51MHz.

Andre Yang accomplished the feat with a healthy dose of liquid nitrogen and an eye popping 1.992V. He used a base clockspeed of 272.95MHz with a 31x multiplier.

He used the same model motherboard as the previous overclocking team, an Asus Crosshair V Formula. A lonely 2GB stick of Corsair memory sat in observance at 909.8MHz with 9-9-9-24T timings. And just as before, only two out of the eight cores were enabled -- still an impressive feat and one that underscores the potential of AMD's Bulldozer architecture, at least in terms of headroom (extreme cooling notwithstanding).