Ryzen Helps AMD Actually Surpass Intel In CPU Sales At German E-Tailer Mindfactory

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AMD is finally back in the CPU war against Intel with processors that are cheaper and bring plenty of performance to the table, grabbing well-earned dollars from PC fans that would normally choose Intel. We knew that Ryzen was helping AMD turn its fortunes around in late July when the company released its Q2 financials and shares had jumped on strong Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU sales. Now we have some new direct confirmation that AMD is hurting Intel with some numbers released from German e-tailer Mindfactory.

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Three different slides have surfaced that compare AMD to Intel, and list the number of processors sold and revenue for the e-tailer compared between the two chip brands. The slides also show specifically which AMD and Intel parts are selling the best. A glance at these images and you can see that five months has made all the difference from AMD.

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Mindfactory shows back in March that the processor mix it sold was 27.6% AMD and 72.4% Intel. That gap start to narrow in April with 36.5% AMD parts sold and 63.5% Intel. May saw 42.2% AMD and 57.8% Intel, the most popular Ryzen part that month was the R5 1600 and the most popular Intel part has always been the i7 7700K.

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June and July were virtual dead heats with AMD in the high 40% range and intel in the low 50% range. When August came around the marketplace looked a lot different for Intel. AMD boasted a 56.1% share of Mindfactory's CPU sales figures and Intel held 43.9%. In August the most popular Ryzen parts were the R5 1600 and the R7 1700, while that i7 7700k continued to be far and away the most popular Intel part sold.

That Ryzen 5 1600 is an impressive bit of tech carrying a price of around $200 to $220 and brings the performance of six-cores to the party. The other slide that Mindfactory has shows a revenue view, and the important takeaway here is that AMD is able to deliver profits despite being cheaper parts. You can also see that while relatively few Threadripper parts are sold, they do account for a good chunk of profits for the company. Many are very interested to see what Intel will deliver with Coffee Lake and if the tides will turn again. Whatever happens with Coffee Lake, it is great for PC fans for the competition to be back in the CPU segment after years of AMD seemingly ceding the market to Intel.

Images via Reddit/Imgur