AMD Beats Intel In Brand Recognition But Apple Still Sits On Top

There was a time amongst the general populace and PC enthusiasts where Intel reigned supreme. With its poignant 'Intel Inside' marketing campaign, most PCs from the early days of the market were ingrained with Intel's influence. Fast forward a few decades, and AMD has squarely taken the lead, according to a firm that tracks brand values (not to confused with a company's value or market cap).

Based on a new report by Kantar BrandZ, AMD now has better brand recognition than Intel does. Not surprisingly, Apple still tops them both for recognizability amongst the global brands. Nevertheless, this is a stunning turnaround against the once massive Intel behemoth for the smaller and spunky AMD. 

It was not long ago that AMD nearly faced bankruptcy, as AMD executives recently revealed. Sony's PlayStation 4 was a saving grace for the company, allowing it to stay afloat and ride the eventual wave of positivity the future would bring. 


If you are a PC enthusiast, you will remember how dominant Intel's CPUs were for PC gamers and productivity. The price also stayed consistently high, with diminishing innovation year after year for Intel. This is where AMD came in with its Ryzen lineup, providing higher core count chips for prices that undercut Intel. 

After a few generations, AMD eventually toppled Intel in the enthusiast CPU space, with CPUs such as the Ryzen 7 7800X3D, which dominates gaming. AMD has not been so lucky on its GPU front against the current behemoth of NVIDIA, but its Radeon RX GPUs have impressed nonetheless. 

Regardless of its trajectory, AMD still falls behind Apple for global brand recognition. This is par for course, as Apple has a stronghold grip on the iPhone market with millions of consumers flocking to the brand. Ever increasing Mac computer sales over the years have also attributed to a general uptick in recognition. 

Much like NVIDIA, Apple's stock price has also enjoyed an uptrend, which further exposes it to the general public and not just enthusiasts. NVIDIA, for example, is now talked about in the mainstream media due to its blazing financial performance recently (the result of smart investments in AI and the data center). Apple, meanwhile, offers up supremely popular consumer products like the iPhone and iPad. 

The current AI zeitgeist is a strong reason with the wave of financial growth amongst many tech companies, putting them front and center. With technology being so prevalent in our daily lives, it is no surprise that the top global brands fall to the likes of Apple, AMD, Intel. and NVIDIA.