AMD Announces Latest G-Series Embedded APUs, Extends Platform Availability Through 2017

AMD has added to its family of G-Series embedded APUs with the introduction of the AMD Embedded G-T16R APU, a low-power SFF affair that features 4.5W TDP (2.3W consumption on average), legacy I/O card upgrade support, and x86 compatibility.

Together, the APU and its controller hub leave a footprint of just 890mm square (roughly a square inch) and the platform includes support for DDR3 memory and can be used for multiple product configurations, thereby helping to streamline supply chain issues.

In order to better serve legacy upgrade needs, the G-T16R offers support via a full 32-bit PCI interface and ISA bus solution as well as support for a range of display technologies that includes VGA, LVDS, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

G-Series block diagram

These embeddable solutions aren’t always on the enthusiast’s radar, but they do serve to enhance everything from point-of-sale transactions to set-top boxes to digital signage to industrial control systems. And if anyone’s concerned that the platform will disappear all too soon, AMD has extended its availability through 2017, a veritable eon in computer technology time.
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