AMD Announced Ultimate Enthusiast Platform - 4x4

AMD envisions a "4x4" platform as being the next big step in enthusiast computing. With a dual-socket & dual-core capable motherboard, you'll certainly be getting every drop of performance out of Nvidia's and ATI's top of the line dual card solutions. Well, actually that's thinking a bit small. How about dual-GPU video cards in SLI or CrossFire? The 4x4 platform.

"What you are seeing here is a dual-processor system board platform, each using dual-core processors for a total of four logical cores in a single computer. Also included on this slide is the introduction of dual-GPU video cards, similar to what we have seen in NVIDIA's Quad-SLI technology. Two of these dual-GPU cards combined together in either SLI or CrossFire mode brings the four GPUs to the AMD "4x4" platform."