AMD 990FX-Based Asus CrossHair V Formula Sneak Peek

A few weeks back, NVIDIA broke the news that official SLI support was coming to some future AMD chipset-based motherboards. And the first of those ‘boards has arrived in the HH labs, the Asus CrossHair V Formula.

The Asus CrossHair line of motherboards for AMD processors has long been a favorite amongst enthusiast and this latest addition seems poised to carry on the tradition. The CrossHair V Formula is based on the brand new AMD 990FX chipset, which support all current socket AM3 processors and future AM3+ based processors as well.


The Asus CrossHair V Formula AM3+ AMD 990FX-Based Motherboard

The Crosshair V Formula will also support both 3-Way NVDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX multi-GPU configurations, USB 3.0, SATA 6G all around, and the board sports an advanced UEFI BIOS and DIGI+ VRM design as well. As expected from an Asus RoG (Republic of Gamers) board, there are plenty of overclocking tools built in too and an onboard SupremeFX X-Fi 2 chip delivers solid audio, especially for an integrated solution.

In addition to the CrossHair V Formula pictured here, a Thunderbolt edition is on tap as well. The Crosshair V Formula/ThunderBolt will come with Asus’ ThunderBolt audio/LAN combo expansion card. The ThunderBolt card is outfitted with XONAR audio technology which provides better sound quality than integrated solutions, and also offers a built-in headphone amplifier with adjustable impedance settings for fine tuning of the audio output. The Crosshair V Formula/Thunderbolt also incorporates the Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 NIC.

We’ve got an AMD 990FX chipset-based motherboard round-up in the works now and will have more details with a full performance profile posted in the weeks ahead.