AMD 3800+ X2, Shuttle SD11G5 XPC

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Intel's Next-Generation Wi-Fi Solution To Support Cisco Compatible Extensions

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 19, 2005 – Intel Corporation today announced that it will support the latest version of Cisco* Compatible Extensions in Intel's next-generation Wi-Fi solution, providing enterprises the assurance that Intel-based devices have been designed to interoperate with Cisco Wi-Fi access points.

Intel is the first vendor to achieve Cisco Compatible Extensions 4.0 certification, with the Intel
(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection. The Cisco Compatible Extensions program sets criteria so that client devices can be designed to be interoperable with a Cisco WLAN infrastructure and optimizes Cisco innovations for enhanced security, mobility, quality of service, and network management. Through the Cisco Compatible Extensions program, Cisco Systems demonstrates its commitment to supporting standards and to providing pre-standard features to fulfill customer requirements.

"Cisco Compatible Extensions is a valuable tool for enterprises wishing to ensure that user devices are designed for interoperability and to take advantage of the latest standards in security and manageability," said Jim Johnson, vice president and general manager of Intel's Wireless Networking Group. "With this certification, future Intel Centrino mobile technology customers can be assured that their devices are designed to be supported."

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Albatron PC6600LEQ Videocard @ PCStats

"nVIDIA recently addressed a rather large performance gap between its entry level and mainstream products by introducing the GeForce 6600LE GPU. It uses the same NV43 core as the mainstream Geforce 6600GT videocard, but this time around the NV43 has been teamed up with TSOP-II 400 MHz DDR memory which dramatically cuts down costs."

AMD 3800 X2 review @ Neoseeker

"For the best performance I was able to achieve, I ran the processor at 1.5V, the memory at 2.7V with 2.5-4-4-8-2T timings. I reduced the HT multiplier to 3x, and increased the FSB clock to 310MHz with a multiplier of 8. This resulted in a 2480MHz core clock speed, 930MHz HT speed, and 310MHz (DDR620) memory speed."

Thermaltake Silent PurePower TWV500W Power Supply Review @ 3DXtreme

"The TWV500W features a modular cable management system and Total Watts Meter Module as well as Dual PCI-E connectors. Other features include Active PFC and dual 12v rails. This is one of those "last one you'll need to buy" products that should keep you covered for quite awhile to come."

Pioneer DVR-110D and Toshiba SD-R5472 @ X-Bit labs

"As new DVD media types emerge, the DVD burners become more and more affordable in price. Today we are looking at the solutions from two well-known optical drives makers: Toshiba and Pioneer. Which one is going to become the best buy for the buck?"

Shuttle SD11G5 XPC @ t-break

"Based on the 915GM ICH6M chipset, the SD11 supports almost all of the new technologies such as SATA, DDR2 for which Shuttle provides two slots and PCI Express which is provided in the form of one x16 slot and another x1 slot."

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