Amazon's Next-Gen Kindle Seen Early

February 9th is still hours away, but there's little doubt about what Amazon will unveil this coming Monday at a library in New York. A whole gaggle of rather official looking press images have surfaced in the run-up to the event, and they sure look convincing. At this point, it would actually be a shock if Jeff Bezos didn't introduce the second Kindle to the world, and if these shots prove accurate, we'd guess this one will stay just as "sold out" as the original seemed to.

Actual specifications about the next-generation e-reader have yet to be revealed, but it's obvious that the device is slimmer, sleeker, sexier and just more attractive than the existing Kindle. We're also told that the unit should be available for ordering on the 24th of this month for $359, but we wouldn't bet the farm on those figures quite yet.

Get ready digital bookworms -- it looks like the second iteration of Amazon's entry into the hardware arena is but hours, minutes and seconds away.