Amazon's New Kindle Ad Says iPad Is Useless In Broad Daylight

It's pretty obvious that Amazon and Apple are rivals at a glance. Both companies are attempting to get your hard-earned dollars on a handheld device, but each company's approach is vastly different. Amazon is selling a Kindle e-reader that does little more than read books, whereas Apple's iPad is a multifaceted tablet that's capable of doing far more than opening an iBook.

Early on, the iPad's conventional LCD was widely panned as being harder to see outdoors than an E Ink display, but it was largely forgotten based on just how fluid the user interface was. In other words, it was an easy quirk to overlook. But Amazon isn't forgetting. In a new advertisement, they go directly at the iPad (or any tablet, really) by suggesting that tablets with LCDs simply cannot be read outdoors. It's a bit of a stretch, but it's safe to say that the gloves have been removed. Have a look below and see what we mean.