Amazon to Attack with Zombieland TV Series

Amazon just greenlit an original TV series pilot based on the 2009 cult-comedy Zombieland, which is one of 13 pilots that will be made into full-season productions for its Prime Instant Video service. If that doesn't excite you, then you've obviously never seen Zombieland, or you're one of the infected and dead inside. Sadly, there's no cure for the latter, though it's easy to rectify the former.

"Zombieland is a fan favorite and we can’t wait to see where this story line goes in a serialized format," said Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios. "We’ve been announcing a lot of exciting exclusive content for Prime Instant Video, like Downton Abbey, Under the Dome, and Justified, and we think adding original shows to that lineup is going to make Prime even more enticing for customers."


The TV series will follow four survivors as they outwit zombies and search for a new home. If you liked the movie, you'll be thrilled to know that the pilot comes from the same creative team, including writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Joe Schmo Show) and producer Gaven Polone (Gilmore Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm). Eli Craig, who's resume includes Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, is also joining the team as director.

"Zombieland will strive to break the rules—action, adventure, thrills, chills and laughs and all packed into a half hour format," said creator Paul Wernick. "This is not your average show but Amazon is not your average network."