Amazon Reveals Kindle Cloud Reader, Based On HTML5

Just months after Amazon's Cloud Music / Video offerings came online, the Kindle Cloud Reader is following suit.

The new service will allow users to read nearly a million Kindle books right on the web browser, with no download or install required. It's entirely built around the HTML5 web standard, and automatically optimizes books for the platform being used. All of the books are Instant -- no waiting for a download, start reading the book immediately, offline or online.

Amazon has done a fine job of pushing the Kindle e-book app out to a slew of platforms; everything from iOS to Android and now, anything with a browser can access a Kindle library. As with all Kindle apps, the Cloud Reader automatically synchronizes a user's Kindle library, as well as their last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights for all of their Kindle books, no matter how they choose to read them.   

Kindle Cloud Reader on the iPad is optimized for the size and unique touch interface of iPad.  Without even leaving the app, customers can start shopping in the Kindle Store and will find a unique and immersive shopping experience built specifically for iPad’s Safari browser.

Kindle Cloud Reader with its integrated touch optimized Kindle Store is available starting today for Safari on iPad, Safari on desktop and Chrome at The application will be available on additional web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, the BlackBerry PlayBook browser, and other mobile browsers, in the coming months.