Amazon Puts A Bullet In Underground Free Apps And Games Program

amazon underground
Amazon just announced that it will be slowly shutting down its Underground Actually Free program. Official support for the program will end in 2019.

The Amazon Underground app initially launched in 2015 and allowed developers to give away their software for free. Amazon then reimbursed the developers depending on how long users spent within the app. Many of the apps were listed as “actually free” and included everything from the initial download to in-app purchases. The program was regarded as a interesting way to test new ideas and expand Amazon’s limited app offerings. 

Although the app is closing, developers and fans are not completely out of luck. Developers will be able to create t-shirts based on their game content through Merch by Amazon and customers will be able to buy Amazon Coins at a discount and save money on games. Developers will also continue to receive their full 70 percent revenue share. Amazon has also increased their offerings to 80,000 apps and games in its Appstore.

Amazon Headquarters Entrance2
Image credt: Robert Scoble
May 31st is the last day for developers to submit content, and they will be able to continue to submit and publish updates until 2019. Developers will also still get paid for every minute a customer spends on their content. 

Support for the Amazon Underground App will officially end some time in 2019. Customers will retain their content after 2019, but will not be able to download anything else from the Underground Actually Free store. Fire tablet customers will be able to continue to enjoy their already installed apps and access the Underground Actually Free store, but access will not extend to any additional devices. Support for Android devices will end this summer, but users will be able to still purchase physical goods and access Prime Video content until 2019.