Amazon Prime Customers Can Now Add HBO and Cinemax Packages To Streaming Video Service

Are you dying to dive into the drama of Westeros or find a new favorite movie? Well, Amazon has a deal for you! Amazon Prime customers can now add HBO and Cinemax packages to their streaming video service.

Sofia Chang, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Digital Distribution and Home Entertainment, HBO, remarked, “For years now, Amazon has demonstrated an incomparable capability for bringing customers exactly what they want, in all the ways they want it. We have a very successful partnership with this great company that continues to evolve. We share the goal of providing Amazon customers more ways to access all of the high-quality HBO and Cinemax programming they’ve been asking for.”

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The HBO subscription will be available for $14.99 USD per month, while the Cinemax subscription will cost $9.99 USD per month. Customers will be offered a free 30-day trial before having to pay for the subscription. Prime members who subscribe to HBO will be able to watch the latest episodes of shows like Game of Thrones, hit movies like Deadpool, and tune into shows like VICE News Tonight. Cinemax offers original series like original series like The Knick, Quarry, Outcast, Banshee, and Strike Back and blockbuster movies such as American Sniper, Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, and Vacation.

Amazon Channels is an unique aspect of Amazon Prime. Members pay only for the channels they want to watch with no cable subscription required. They can watch their shows anywhere at anytime on over 650 compatible devices and create a line-up from more than eighty channels. Members also receive a free trial on all subscriptions and can cancel at any time.

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Amazon has some stiff competition from Netflix. This past quarter Netflix reported revenue of nearly $2.2 billion, an increase of 36 percent compared to the same period a year ago. It also received 400,000 new members in the United States alone. Perhaps the addition of HBO and Cinemax will entice more people to subscribe to Amazon Video.